Sapna Foods, Inc.
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SAPNA Foods, Inc. is a leading Importer, Exporter and Distributor of specialty food ingredients . Exceeding your expectations is our goal. We provide carefully selected high quality ingredients imported from the best regions of the world. We focus on individual customer requirements and providing excellent customer service.
The competition in the American exotic food market has increased, so has the importance for a differentiated product. Fine quality specialty foods alone can not help distinguish your brand from another. Sapna Foods has invested in fine retail quality printing equipment along with unique and upscale packaging equipment. Sapna Foods, Inc.creates packaging solutions that allow us to have an outstanding presentation of high quality products.
We offer this expertise to our customers, creating private labels and customized packaging to enhance their product lines. Please contact your Sapna Foods, Inc sales rep for more information and pricing on our solutions.
Today’s business climate puts a very high premium on time. Sapna Foods, Inc. understands how vital this portion of trade is and has established relationships with many freight lines, airlines, steamship lines and even local delivery couriers. Regardless of our clients needs, we can accommodate any logistical situation. Please contact your Sapna Foods sales rep for more information and pricing on our solutions.
Our full time Quality Control staff helps us achieve and maintain the highest quality standards for production. Our inspected programs include:
  • Third Party Audit program encompassing:
    • HACCP Certification
    • FDA and USDA compliance
    • Recall Program
    • Sample Retention
  • Kosher certified : Atlanta Kashruth Commission
  • USDA Certified Organic Program