Sapna Foods, Inc.

Sapna Foods, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Rishi A. Nagrani on one primary principle, serving the World’s finest foods to the companies that require the absolute best quality. Since its humble beginnings in ‘97, Sapna has grown into serving all aspects of the American food industry. To manufacturers, to extractors, distributors and even small family owned specialty food shops. Sapna’s endless quest to search the world over for their finest lots and harvest yields have taken us to six continents and products from over 35 countries.

Sapna Foods, Inc. commitment to serving the world’s finest delicacies at the most competitive prices is a commitment that has shaped our overall business plan. Sapna is dedicated to the cultures and even the villages that produce these fine delicacies, and has a strong belief that the primary hands that create such world treasures should be the ones that reap the rewards. With this “primary source” approach to international trade the communities that produce the goods are rewarded and our clients are provided top quality at the most competitive price available.

Our full time Quality Control staff helps us achieve and maintain the highest quality standards for production. Our inspected programs include:
  • Third Party Audit program encompassing:
    • HACCP Certification
    • FDA and USDA compliance
    • Recall Program
    • Sample Retention
  • Kosher certified : Atlanta Kashruth Commission
  • USDA Certified Organic Program